Jason must die!

Jason Todd must die, he must become Red Hood. I thinks it’s the most important part of Jason’s story, and he can finally become who he was meant to be.


I see your point but i think they should wait for season 3. I also think Conner is going to catch him from that fall


Cory is gonna catch him. She’s about to realize she can fly

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Hes he should due but not like this


Let me get this out of the way: We do all want Jason Todd to become Red Hood. However, a lot of us think this shouldn’t be how it happens.

I think most of people who voted Jason Todd should die want him just to become Red Hood and don’t care how. But Red Hood should come from a meaningful death, not a “woops he fell off a building now he’s red hood”.
It doesnt set up a good red hood.


If he died now, you definitely wouldn’t get the red hood storyline. None of the motivating factors or situations are in play at all.

When Jason dies, it has to be at the hands of someone dick/Bruce never killed, I think the joker killing him is the best route but I get that it might be hard to do in this series

So Jason was “supposed” to become a multiple homicide murdering piece of garbage. Without Ra’s Al Ghul being involved there’s no lazerus pit and even if Ra’s was in the picture, it is only his guilt about the Joker killing Jason as part of a Ra’s scheme in the first place, does Ra’s even resurrect him in the pit anyway.

Red Hood is a murdering psycho who needs to be locked up in a cell and throw away the key.