Jason Moma for Lobo! Brolin got to play two marvel characters

Why Jason Momoa would have been the perfect Lobo,thoughts?


I sure wouldn’t mind him as the main man too . He would be covered up by heavy make up and can try to change his voice a bit, so it wouldn’t be much of an issue

I still pitch for Mickey Rourke as Lobi

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Cable and thanos were/are in two movie universes though.


I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be good for the role. Momoa is perfect as Aquaman. I don’t think it would make sense for him to play Lobo too. Jeffrey Dean Morgan actually wants to play Lobo so there is also that. He said it - and he kind of is a biker dude type of guy anyway. He definitely would need to bulk up quite a bit for the role because Lobo is a big dude and should be a big dude if he appears on the big screen. I don’t like that they cast a skinny guy in the show Krypton but I am going to give the actor a chance since its only tv.

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I think Momoa is a better candidate for Lobo than Morgan. Momoa already has the physique so they wouldn’t have to do much if they wanted to add more bulk in post. And tbh, and this is just my opinion, i kind of want WB to steer away from casting older actors unless the narrative fits the story. It really limits story telling, and it can really pin you up against a wall when trying to move forward with a cinematic universe.

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It’s too late, he is aquaman and that’s not changing but if I was casting, the guy playing ocean master looks like aquaman from the comics and I can’t look at momoa without think Lobo.

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