Jason lives!

I believe he is saved by Superboy and then dropped off on nearby building, and then you’ll have your usual Jason being a dick and ungrateful by something dumb to Superboy. Superboy exits because he’s still mentally dumb from pod.
That’s my theory!!

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He should live for now due to the fact he should die by joker, I get the adaptation is different, it’s just the joker is such a big factor into his character it’s hard to differentiate from it


Maybe I am a jerk, but I don’t think Jason is being a detective. Yes, he’s rough around the edges, but I think he is the character with the most personality. I think Beast Boy is more of the annoyance, at least in Season 2, for wanting to “rat” Jason out to Dick.

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Yeah, it’s a bit early still to kill him off. They just dropped the bomb about aqualad dying, having another death so soon will just desensitize ppl to deaths and him dying so soon won’t be as impactful as it could be. He needs to live, get some good character growth so ppl start to really like him, and THEN kill him off by the joker

I know alot of people are going to hate this butttttt… I think they should kill him off and last episode they should flash forward a few years and make him the Red Hood … we are all dieing for a red hood at this point!

Many people didnt dig the comedic shift in tone, but it might be my favorite in the franchise.

I always found Megan Garris to be the series strongest female character, portrayed brilliantly by Jennifer Cooke.

Wait…this isnt the Friday the 13th part 6 thread?

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Jason shouldn’t die under Titans. If Jason is going to die, it needs to be Bruce’s burden, not Dick’s. And that way we just keep Red Hood out of this continuity all together. The last thing we need is a willfully murdering “anti-hero”.


I don’t think Jason should die at all, if he does die, it should be with him under Batman.

Jason may have been a dick about it, but hes not wrong either. Hes already been in the game. You can’t be benching a star player. Hes been on point. You got something big going and leaving Jason and other Titians out is wrong.

Either get on board or get out the way.

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I hope he dies, he’s so annoying.

Jason Todd needs to die in order to keep the continuity. Watch “under the red hood” movie to understand why. It’s the best of all of the DCU animated films by far.

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Red hood is a great character and needs to be in the series eventually after Jason’s character is more fleshed out so that his death is more dramatic. He has to fulfill his destiny in continuity and become the anti-hero that is such a great character.

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