January's 100 Page Giants Are Out

For this month, Walmart has:

  • Batman Giant #3
  • Birds of Prey Giant #1
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant #2
  • The Flash Giant #3
  • Swamp Thing Giant #3
  • Wonder Woman Giant #3

Birds of Prey Giant #1 makes its direct market debut this Wednesday, the 22nd, with a new cover as seen below:

Also, Target has a new Giant to tie into the newly released Batman: The Caped Crusader toyline by Spin Master. This book should be in the toy section, but has also been seen in the electronics department.


I need that BOP before the movie comes out!

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@LEXC0RP Warner Brothers Pictures and DC concur. :wink:

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I have bought a number of these giant comics and I have enjoyed them. I might end up getting a few of the January ones.

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Batman Giant #3 had an enjoyable new story featuring Two-Face, where he was seen to say “F@!*ing Batman”.

One of the new tales in Flash #3 was a fun Gail Simone-penned team-up between The Atom and Flash.

Thanks for the details, Vroom. You may have sold me on that Flash one.

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You’re welcome @cosnerama.86780.

Target also has a new Giant. Details are in the OP.

I am lucky enough to have several good comic shops in the town I live in. I’m not getting any of my comics at Target or Walmart when I can just wait and get them at a comic book shop.

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Well, the Target Giants have so far featured content that hasn’t been reprinted in any other way (unlike the Walmart books), so if you’re curious to read the Primal Age book from last year or the Caped Crusader book from this year, Target’s the only bet so far (besides eBay, of course).

Jeff Parker wrote the new material in the Batman book, which was quite fun. It’s essentially one big ad for the toys, but let’s be honest, that’s not anything new to comics. :wink:

Updated to mention that Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant #2 (of 2) is now out at Walmart.

It debuts at comic stores on 2/26.

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