January 29 2020 New Comics

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For those who want spme guidance on good and bad issues

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Bought 21 comics
DC Universe. 9
DC Wonder Comic. 1
DC Sandman. 0
DC Black.Label. 1
DC Joe Hill Horror. 0
Marvel. 7
Other. 3

Enjoyed (3)

Action Comics
Got terrible reviews 4.0 out of 10
i.expected nothing so was pleasantly surprised
Legion.of Doom meet Leviathan
A few panel of action mostly talk
Putting All Cards on the Table

The Flash
Held my attention all the way

The Terrifics
Bizarros Good End of Arc

Will Enjoy (5)

Bettie Page: Unbound great
Conan The Barbarian fine
Dial H for Hero
Justice League Dark
Titans: Burning Rage Page Turner


Not Read Series Yet Waiting for More Issues / Time to Read Slowly (12)

Detective.Comics Annual
Fallen Angels
The Green Lantern: Blackstars
The Last God
New Mutants
Something is Killing the Children
Star Wars
Suicide Squad


Not Easy to Understand (1)

Justice League

Dislike Arc Intensely -:

Much Worse than Peak of Series

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So far, The Green Lantern: Blackstars #3 is my Book of the Week. I hope The Green Lantern: Season Two is as weird and fantastical as season one was (if not more so).

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I ended up getting…

Wonder Woman #750 (missed it from the week before)

  • Star-Blossom made her 2nd appearance! Besides the Ramona Fradon pin-up, Star-Blossom was easily my favorite part.

Detective Comics Annual #3

  • I very much enjoyed this Pennyworth-centric Annual. The artists for both stories were on their respective games.

Suicide Squad #2

  • I missed the first issue but checked out the second because I’d been hearing a buzz. Yeah, this seems like a pretty intriguing comic. I will track down #1.

Dial H for Hero #11

  • Another great issue, setting us up for the finale next issue. I will miss this wonderful comic SO much.

Blackstars #3

  • I liked it, but I am not too sure what to think of how the whole thing wrapped. I feel like I have some questions…

The Terrifics #24

  • I love this weird comic.


Sex Criminals #26

  • I didn’t even know this was coming back this week. I was so happy, I bought two copies, one with the regular cover and one with the naughty cover.

3 Marvel titles - one of which had Xemnu the Titan on the cover. Yeah.