James Tynion's Batman run

Public Service Announcement to Bat fans who did not enjoy Tom King’s run:

Read Tynion’s run Batgod is back which is a breath of fresh air after seeing Batman lose almost every fight. I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t read it but in the first issue of the run Bats wins a fight against one of the Goats of DC nd I’m so happy about it.

Its only 5 issues so I may be overreacting but after King’s run this is just amazing.


It’s ok.

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I mean, some people who DID like Tom King’s run are also enjoying Tynion’s run…


I’m not so sure if I like the whole bat-God thing, but I really enjoyed Tynion’s Detective comics run, so I’ll have to check out his Batman thing too.

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I don’t see Tynion writing Bat-god - he’s still got weaknesses and failures.

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Yea, it wouldn’t seem characteristic of his writing given what I’ve read of his Detective Comics run, I was just referring to @BostonBrand1207’s mentioning that he was more like a Bat-God.

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Ah, didn’t even notice that. :slight_smile:
Considering how hard Tynion got hammered for “hating Batman” during his Tec run, I find all these types of posts a bit amusing, though in a frustrating way.


you guys made good points, maybe using the term Batgod was the wrong way of describing it but he is supposed to be Batman right? I like my Batman a little bit overpowered (maybe a lot overpowered) because he is in the trinity after all. It was just nice to see Bruce cut lose and dominate his opponents again.

Thank you for reminding me to pick this arc back up again @BostonBrand1207! Your excitement is contagious and I’m feeling the hype on Tynion’s run! :grinning: :+1: Although I had not read Tom King’s previous stories, this DC article proves the point that the new direction is a breath of fresh air: James Tynion Brings Batman to a New Action Horror Era. I too like my Batman to be well-equipped and this shows a lot of new hacky gadgets, a different support system, and even stronger villains to put The Dark Knight to the test. I adore the art style - each panel is packed, with unique splits lending excitement to every page. The story uses a lot of twists and turns, cameos from Deathstroke and Cheshire, the introduction of The Designer, Gunsmith, and Mr. Teeth, alongside some unexpected humor and team ups. I couldn’t be more excited and proud! I look forward to owning the physical copies of “Their Dark Designs”, as I can tell it’s a classic in-the-making already!