James Tynion’s Batman

The new Batman title by James Tynion IV has really brought me back to the character and I think it’s one of the best bat books in years. I do however feel a sinking feeling over the fact that this run will be cut short due to the Generation 5 event. Is anyone else feeling this way? What do you think of the book so far?


I am loving it. Tynion has grown into one of DC’s most powerful writers. The plan, supposedly, is for him to go up to issue 100. After that, who knows?


I believe a spoiler talk might be in order, so many crazy things happen in this book

I’m glad you like it. I wasn’t able to continue past issue 86, due to a lack of money. But I’m glad to hear it’s going well.

This is my kind of Batman!! James Tynion is doing amazing. I liked his Tec run, Justice League Dark and now this. I love grounded Batman stories where he just uses his detective skills but I also love to see him use gadgets. I mean he is a billionaire whose company makes cool gadgets and stuff so why shouldnt he have amazing gadgets like we have seen in this run. I think its all kinds of awesome. If 5G turns into a hot mess and they get back on the right track I hope Tynion writes Batman again.

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