James Gunn Responds


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Ole Gunn has had enough ! OKAY !

He wants everyone to simmer down and stop being " Disrespectful".

An those of you complaining are in a minority of complainers, according to Gunn.

So knock it off!

what else?

At what point should skinny old men stop dressing and doing their hair like 20 yr old hipsters? Anyone ?

alright, so that is it okay?

no more shinanigans towards Gunn and the change over of DCU movies.


He needs to tone it out. This much social media is not healthy.


You tell him Stargirl!


James gunn is ambitious I give him that. He’s doing something that Walter Hamada didn’t have the guts to do and that was commit to starting from scratch.

I respect Gunn because even without Black Adam or cavil Superman I cannot imagine the cinematic universe will be better off with this multiverse concept Hamada and crew were working on that probably would have confused people as it would also made them angry.


too bad the CW beat em to the punch with a TV version.

anyhow, just everyone remember, Gunn is sensitive and he is trying his best and just stop being so negative and disrespectful.


Nah, go for it. What he said was he didn’t care and would continue on with his plans, no matter how loudly you cry.


We both know what he said, isn’t what he meant.

No one who is not bothered by comments online, goes online or in an interview to state that people are being disrespectful and I don’t care.

What they do is either A: Ignore it all, or B: just say I don’t care , when asked about said negative talk surrounding them, an move on.

I personally can’t say I honestly care, am I annoyed, yes. I am as utterly infuriated as I was when Ben Affleck got the role for Batman instead of a baked potato? No.

But in other fun Gunn news, He was recently noted as saying that there will be no upper muckity mucks mucking things up with up coming DC Films, which, was something he should have thought harder about before saying it. Because if the up coming movies that he makes for DC do suck, he no longer has a scapegoat.

Anyone remember when Pizza Hut had Taco toppings as an option for an entire pizza?


Couldn’t the movies still do it?


I guess… the thing is, with Crisis on Infinite Earths, it is so complex. So think about moviegoers who are not comic book fans, now one has to explain the multiverse in DC, and explain the history of the main villains, on an on,

could a live action cinematic Crisis on Infinite Earths be done, yes, Should it ? I don’t really know because just too many variables.

I think the easier route to go for that move would be an animated Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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I resent that there needs to be drama and backlash ABOUT the drama and backlash, lol. They knew that fans take it personally when their favored actors won’t be returning for more work. Awkwardly, Henry Cavill announced his return as Superman right before they removed him as Superman. There should have been different communication so that the actors and fans didn’t get their hopes up and then the rug pulled out from under them. Communication starts at the leadership level.


Could try and do it like LOTR

actually that is a good idea, break down a live acton Crisis on Infinite Earths into a series. if it is done, may it forever be annotated that you said it first. Thusly meaning you get some kind of royalty deal like on shark tank from Kevin.

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I wish

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