Jakk's Evolution Batman Custom

I really loved the added articulation of the Batman Evolution figure by Jakk’s but hated the paint job and especially hated the belt, cape.

Repainted, removed the belt and filled the gap with body filler and sanded down. Painted it. Created a belt that I could adjust lower on the body, affixed with a Velcro tab. Added thin faux leather cape (the only cape material I use, does not fray and folds on the body beautifully. The belt pouches were made with Sculpey baked clay polymer and highlighted with black and gold. And finally did a wash on the face and added some Bat-stubble. I’m obviously biased, but I prefer mine.


This is a really cool custom piece @Batfreak67! It’s fun to see the photos throughout the process. The grittier gray areas look great with the shinier black pieces. Excellent cape choice and I love the gold detailing, topped off with realistic Batstubble. :grin: Awesome job! Thank you for sharing with the Community!

That’s a nifty custom, very schway.

I would’ve liked this line to continue. At minimum, to have the Trinity and a few villains.