Jaime Reyes or Victor Stone?

[Please read this post in the tone of G. Gordon Godfrey.]

A normal teenager gets a powerful piece of evil alien technology grafted onto him in a freak accident. This technology melds with his brain as well as his body, influencing his actions and converting him into a powerful biological weapon. Removing the item will mean death for the host… but by joining up with a team of young heroes, he could prove to be the key to defeating the very invaders which created the tech in the first place.

Now who does this sound like? The newly introduced Victor Stone, AKA Cyborg? Because I swear I saw this plot in the LAST season of Young Justice, with Jaime Reyes—The Blue Beetle!! Just what sort of recycled gimmick are you trying to pull here, “Greg Weisman”- if that’s even your REAL NAME! “Wise man,” indeed!

(Honestly though, I’d love this to be addressed in the second half of YJ:O. A heartfelt talk between Jaime and Vic about how he understands what he’s going through more than anyone and helps him adjust would be very nice.)


That Weisman…what a gargoyle…

I’m Team Cyborg.


My loyalty remains with Victor.


I know Vic has well earned seniority. But I’ve grown so fond of jaimie since he took over the BB mantle in '06. Both of his Giffens short lived runs are excellent and underrated, as is Reyes himself. Gimme Jaimie all day

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Joining in on saying Victor :slight_smile:

Jaime. Not by much though as I like vic/cyborg a lot

I like superheroes with noses.

Team Reyes!

They were both great characters on the show.

A big blue beetle fan, it made me giggle when pre 52 GL ran into Blue and his ring was scared of Blue. Nuff said.

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