Jai Courtney/Boomerang returning for The Suicide Squad!

This news is months old but I just learned it and I’m going to celebrate! I love Jai Courtney’s Boomerang! Yayyyyy voms rainbow #JaiCourtneyAppreciatonSociety #JACAS


He was great in the first one


I don’t think the character really worked in the first movie, but I think he’ll shine under James Gunn

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Yesssss we’re a club now, @Tromeo! Club member to club member, are you, AS a Troma a fan, also a James Gunn fan?

@TheOriginalCaptainMarvel maybe THIS will change your mind!


By far my favorite character in the movie, very excited he’s coming back.

I love Jai Courtney. He was great in Spartacus. Can’t wait to see him in other projects.

I guess he won’t be in Die Hard VI: The Undiscovered Sequel then?