IZombie: Coming full circle

I have just realized with the latest episode this show has started coming full circle. When we first met Major he was counseling at risk youths. When kids started going missing, to kill them for their brains for zombies, he started looking into it leading to the road he is on.
Now with the 7/18 episode he is working with Ravi to find missing kids, who were taken this time because their brains can cure zombies. At least he found these kids alive.


Such a fun observation!

The show has really grown over the years. Going to miss it.

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@Super-Squirrel it has been a great show with actual character growth. It has been an allegory for discrimination as well as a great showcase for acting on the main character’s part each episode. The actors seem to have real friendships and I am sad there are only two episodes left.
This show never got the love that other CW shows did which is a shame.

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