It's official! Nick Jonas casted as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Matt Reeves upcoming Batman film

Looks like Matt Reeves has found his leading man according to Entertainment and I’m just excited for a new Batman movie! What do you guys think of the choice?

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Not to crazy about it but at least we are getting more Batman. Seems like it would be just as out-of-the-element as Val Kilmer and George Clooney as Batman but here’s to hope.

Despite that though, will I go see it day 1? Definitely.

Now, what I’m more interested in is who will the villain be and who’s going to play the villain?

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Mab, you oeiple are gullible. This is pretty clearly an April Fool’s joke.

That should read “people” (stupid phone keyboard).


checks the date Mmm hmmm.



Rumor has it that Justin Beiber is being looked at for the role of Scarecrow (talk about scary) and Justin Timberlake as Alfred

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Sure, call me gullible but I’m not falling for an April fool’s joke a second time, you just clearly cannot type :stuck_out_tongue:

But meh, this is what happens when you have so many things going on - work, family, etc. You literally forget it’s April fool’s day, so yeah, I fell for it but then again, I didn’t open link and read the article. It’s not that huge of a deal to me either way hehe


Rumor has it that Justin Bieber was a big Canadian conjob and will retire soon.

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Also justin Bieber confirmed as Robin. Next Batman movie to be a musical producer by the people behind Glee. Can’t wait!

Well now, that’s just schwarbage!


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I almost fell for this… Almost.

Is there a DC villain named April Fools?