Hello DC Universe today is my 27th birthday and I was taupposed to gift myself the Batman Knightfall Omnibus But fue to financial issues I wasn’t able to… I was wondering if you guys had any old or leftover collectibles or really anything Batman would be appreciated as a gift… this is just me trying my luck if I don’t get any responses I’m still gonna love the DCU and continue to use my premium account and extend my membership every year this app is one of the best things to happen to ppl like me who want to read all the time but can’t really afford buying new comics thanks to all… Carlito the birthday boy


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!

Have you looked into the Omnibus in trade paperback edition? Because the DC Comics app has volumes that 4.99 and get three of them, that would cover the Omnibus.

I hope you have a good birthday.

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday! I hope you have had a special day so far :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear about your plans for the Knightfall Omnibus not working out. The aforementioned idea of buying the digital volumes at $5 a piece is an alternative that can hopefully work out for you.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great Birthday today!!!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey thanks to everyone who commented I’m literally leaving the theatres just saw aquaman and it was so fucking fire I definitely ended up enjoying my day thanks again fellow dcuniversers

Happy birthday! I hope you had an amazing day!

Happy Birthday buddy.!! And no. My comics are treasured. But have a great day dude.