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Hello again fans of all things JSA welcome to our first October session. This session we will be returning to the summer crossovers between the JSA and the JLA. This time around our two teams will be facing the alien A-Rym and his symbiotic pet in “Earth: The Monster Maker” and in the 100th issue of Justice League of America our heroes go on a trip through time to rescue the Seven Soldier’s of Victory. So lets get going!


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What to Read

Discussion Questions

  1. What did you the symbiotic relationship between A-Rym and his pet Teppy?

  2. Seems that both Robins are having the same issue with the older generation here not valuing their input. Have you ever experienced the same?

  3. What did you think of the way the Lanterns worked together here to take down Grundy?

  4. In the second crossover story we have three teams represented. Which one is your favorite?

  5. Could you have made the sacrifice Red Tornado did?

  6. Which of the two stories did you think was the better one?

And that is all for this session. Next session will be a special Halloween edition of the JSABC as the JSA faces off with a ghost from their past in “Ghost Stories”. Check it out mid-month! Hope to see you there @JSABookClub.


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  1. Simple but decent plot point.

  2. Yes, you have to tone them out.

  3. Sadly it was too easy for what Grundy did earlier. Happily it was a cool battle.

Overall this was a fun storyline.

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  1. I think so.

He was following in the path of Wing, sacrificing himself so his teammates did not have to.

6.2nd, more characters, better unity of plot, better focus, better theme, and better ending.

A little bonus joke from one of Johns’s retcons.

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I apologize but I’m having login issues so until they are resolved I’ll probably only be around sporadically.

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No problem.

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