It's a dog-eat-dog world and pretending it's not is delusional.

So I know there are a lot of people who disagree with the dark side of the current live action representations of our favorite heroes…I for one ABSOLUTELY LOVE this (imo) much more realistic view ofa world that Heros, and by direct cause and effect, Villains exist in. To try and pretend somehow that our favorite heros worlds and universes are somehow lighter and more positively happy go lucky on the printed page is absurd to say the least. The real world we live in both bright and yet so very dark gritty grimy and mean and nasty. I like to think the darker view of what a hero has to do or become and the struggles pitted against them by the world at large is not something that can be simply overcome by a Cape and cowl or big bright red S on the chest. Its takes real “human” struggle. That makes these characters we love relatable. So keeping a cookie cutter view of their worlds is ,again imo, damaging in the long run to new viewers readers and fans everywhere alike. The world changes and our heros and villains will keep progressing with time (I hope). If u want happy go lucky watch saturday morning cartoons lol

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I don’t think “dark” is even the right word to use to describe the DC movies. These days it’s like anything that dares to take itself seriously, instead of having lighthearted jokes and comedy every few minutes, gets accused of being “dark.”


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Call me unrealistic or an idealist, but the worst thing that can happen to society is believing that there is evil in society. Yes, every place and person has flaws, but those flaws are untapped gifts clouded by a distortion of insecurity. Once that fear has been lifted, the potential for so much good becomes kinetic.

Essentially, a world that strives to be friendly and helpful no matter the circumstance WILL eventually give way to a new, cheerful day.

Therefore, shows that portray sickness become sicker; and shows that portray good become inspirations. In conclusion, it is better to show light-hearted shows than “realistic”.


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There’s is nothing wrong with a dark story but it is definitely overkill aka Z Snyder realm.

Dude thinks every character needs to be Frank Miller-used.

Sure it works for Batman but we do not need that done for characters like The Flash and Booster Gold.

Flash wasn’t dark in Justice League unless someone who has an issue with brunch is dark.

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Justice League definitely was not a dark movie and yet you see people unthinkingly accusing it of being “dark,” just because it’s a DC movie. And then, of course, they gotta blame Zack Snyder for it. How The Flash was “dark” in that movie, I have no idea.

IndieWire’s movie critic even called Justice League “overly serious, grim, and brooding.” That’s complete nonsense. That movie was not like that at all. And some of you wonder why we think there’s a critical bias against DC movies…

If you really wanna see a dark version of the Flash, watch not the live action movies, but the animated Flashpoint Paradox right here on DC Universe. It’s probably the best DC animated movie ever and yet you see people saying, no, that’s unacceptable, because The Flash is not supposed to be dark.