Isis-Wonder Woman Relationship

I am finding it interesting as I am diving back in to everything, learning that Isis was one of the gods worshipped by the Amazons. It would be interesting to see where this goes as they reboot everything. Once again, another intimate relationship between characters, linking more than meets the eye.

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That would make for an interesting story, but Isis doesn’t have an especially broad representation in DC comics. She had her old series, which wasn’t really in-continuity, and then she had her brief time as a member of the Black Marvel Family. Other than those, she hasn’t appeared much.

Since that time, with the rise of the terrorist group that is commonly referred to as Isis, she has become quite a bit less marketable. While I, and everyone here, knows that she is very distinct from that murderous group, her name will be primarily recognized that of the group by most of American society. This isn’t likely to change for a long time.

A segment of America today has a great desire to criticize big media for its faults, real or perceived, and would LOVE to point to WB-owned DC Comics and characterize them as being supportive of terrorism. DC likely wants to avoid that like the plague.

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