Is Two-Face blind in one eye?

This is something that’s been nagging at me since I was a kid, something I feel DC has never addressed. Two-Face surviving for so long without his face getting an infection is one thing, he probably gets plenty of medical care in Arkham and he probably made sure to discreetly seek treatment after escaping from the hospital when he first became Two-Face, but his eye would’ve dried up without an eyelid and anything that would burn off his eyelid would most likely damage his cornea.

Yes, I know DC bends the laws of realism a little for their stories all the time, but it’s just something I thought could be fun to address.


Interestng! I never thought about it. If his scarred side was blind, though, would his evil personality be blind, too? Harv seems to think in super literal terms like that.


No but he does burn through eye drops like a sonofagun


Speaking of blind, anyone who is invisible is blind, since the light would simply go though the retina.


I’ve always thought he was blind, I didn’t realize that was something never addressed!

See, it’s been my head cannon that people with invisibility powers process light differently when they are in their invisible forms :woman_shrugging:


Whoops, @oldrocker99

Not sure why I thought that was @msgtv :joy:

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