Is 'Titans' Too Dark, Too Adult-Oriented?

I’m a longtime Titans fanboy. Started collecting in the early Perez/Wolfman days. I still have a fondness for the team, especially the original characters. I’ve been watching this series and liking most of what I’ve seen but I just think it’s gone out of its way to be adult-oriented.

I’m way more of a DC reader than anything, but I liked the Netflix Marvel shows, even though they were frequently dark, but this outperforms them all in terms of graphic content and language. The over-the-top use of the F-bomb in particular sometimes seems like it was written by middle schoolers trying to sound adult.

Plus, I’m not sure who to root for. No one at this point is very sympathetic or endearing. I’m finishing up season one, so maybe it will redeem itself soon. I’ll watch until the end, but I’m hopeful they’ll wise up and produce a second season that may be a little more fun.

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It is a bit more mature than I thought it would be, but I’m hooked. We watched all eleven episodes, in what seems like a week or so. Sigh, it’s going to be a long wait for Season 2. Geoff Johns rocks.


No one really moral, except maybe the Doom Patrol (including Gar).

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Hopefully DC stays with good always wins.


For little kids, probably. Its the best thing Ive watched in a while. Waiting for season 8 of GofT hear… so yeah… lol

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Hopefully no child under the age of 17 is watching Titans.

yep definitely wouldn’t recommend for little kids :-). agree some of the violence is over the top - especially the violence against cops (especially by starfire?), but seems like they want to keep it us vs. the world and have them as outsiders.

I am high school age and the first episode was really good, but then they started dropping f-bombs left and right in the second episode and I was all like “Rip I really was looking forward to this”

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Depends on what year of high school you are in. The first two years are still trying to figure things out, but if you are at least a Junior, then it’s up to you if you want to watch it.

Eventually, they may release a version where profanity is bleeped, but don’t count on it.

I feel like in the doom patrol show cyborg would end up on Titans eventually

I think it really caters to a more mature audience and that’s a good thing. DC can do family oriented shows on the CW and dark as well. I love how they can do both and satisfy all audiences. I’m currently on episode 5 on Titans and WOW!! I am blown away by it. Definitely a happy fan right here…:grin::+1:t3:

The CW shows are not kid-friendly. At least, they wouldn’t have been s few years ago.

Cw isn’t always kid appropriate… there was a whole episode of the Flash at a strip clun


Not the whole episode, but yeah, a good bit. Most kid friendly shows probably bore people now.

Also, you may have invented a new word because of autocorrect being auto- clun. Or maybe not.

The comics are actually just as dark or darker. They use symbols for cuss words but there’s a ton of DC characters that have physical, sexual, mental abuse etc in their backstories. Plus there’s nudity in the comics exactly the way they shot the one with Minka. Shadows covering just barely is comic accurate with a lil exposure in some areas. I actually applaud TITANS for making a show that didn’t shy away from those comic book accurate areas.

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I’m in the minority, but not a fan of the Judas Contract.

I’ve watched titans with a 13 year old and it was fine


All episodes?

I think it was the perfect mix to separate itself from marvel. If they want to be family oriented let dc be the adult version us fans want and need. Loved finally seeing not only one, but 2 robins in a live adaptation and what better two than Dick Grayson and Jason Todd beautifully articulated story line for both setting up future shows in the dc universe and future seasons. Came into watching the show skeptical but the dark theme and fight scenes were amazing. Loved everything about the first season of titans up until the cliffhanger it leaves you on.