is this season of legends worth watching??(yes it is)

so i got a friend that does not want to watch this season of legends because " it looks too stupid"(ever tho he liked bebo as a character). so can someone please help me convince my friend to watch.

It twist and turns and is a fun romp. If they liked the bebo season, I think they’d like this one. Like the bebo season it embraces the absurdity of where they find themselves.

This season has had many humorous moments and meta messages such as the reference to “Should have done a crossover “ in the finale. Plus the character development arc of Mick Rory from criminal thief to caring sensitive romance author has been organic and amazing. Also the Nate Ray bromance is great and these two have done so much for each other.
Plus where else do you find a killer unicorn, an evil fairy godmother, John Constantine and actual follow up on loose plot threads from his cancelled show, and a finale with James Taylor singalong ogres singing Minotaur on guitar. Plus cannot forget Biff Tannen!
If your friend needs more reasons I have been writing a weekly post recapping the best parts of each episode and they are on this site. Not all episodes are winners but it is definitely worth the ride