Is this really DCUniverse’s business model?

So, DC has us pay to look at thumbnail images with locks over them and a non-existent list of comics unless we pay even more for each of those comics. That’s like paying just to go into a store and browse. Either make it free to look and have us pay for each item or make it a full library of content that is paid for monthly or annually (i.e. Netflix, MarvelUnlimited), not both. Imagine paying to watch the first 20 minutes of 100 different shows and then having to pay for every 20 minute segment after that or wait every month for the only the next 20 minutes of the show to be released. You get so little meaningful content for what you pay them monthly or annually already.

I just finished my free trial and this is my first month paying for this subpar service, partial product and limited luxury. If this business model doesn’t change than it’s one-and-done for me.

It doesn’t matter your level of interest in comics and all things DC. Don’t get taken for this slow moving money grab technique.

To Hardcore Fans: Abandoning DCUniverse’s diabolical plan does not make you less of a DC/Comic/Superhero fan.

To Casual Fans: This mediocre method is a terrible way to try out a new storylines or follow a new character.

To New and Relatively New Fans: Yes, this service has a lot of content but not complete content. You can read a few beginnings but mostly no endings.


I don’t know what you are looking at, but I have been able to read a lot of comics since I started the service last month. Of course, I didn’t expect to get access to the most recent issues since they are on sale in stores, and that would hurt the sales of comic book vendors. Don’t be stupid. If you read one comic a day from the current library you would have saved more than the $7 a month it cost for the service. Your rhetoric is not going to change things.


How’s YOUR streaming service coming along?

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Hey dnno1. I don’t appreciate the unnecessary “stupid” insinuation, but I get what your saying in regards to comic sales in stores and the more recent issues. However, I never said anything about the most recent issues. Older issues and storylines should be up here in its entirety like MarvelUnlimited. Titans should have the full season available like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Youtube Red original shows.

Last month I began reading Aquaman (2011-). Only 3 issues were released at the time. Now there are 4 issues. This month they added 1 more issue of a 7 year old, 6 issue storyline about The Trench. Oh wow! Yay me! 1 “new” issue!

When you browse all comics there is a message that says “The full DC digital library will be available for PURCHASE in October.” It is so nice of them to give me the privilege of paying them for more content that should already be here.

To say that the allowing readers access to old issues and storylines doesn’t work either would be false. I pay monthly for MarvelUnlimited and have read through quite a bit of Spider-Man from its initial run to the present. I did not have to pay for each issue or wait a month for another issue to appear.

It’s not saving money paying if you pay for a lot of what you don’t want just to get very little of what you do want. It’s doesn’t matter if you read a comic a day if they are not the comics that you want to read. Also, you can’t see what they offer until you join which means your purchasing mystery bag. I’m just saying that it’s not that great of a deal if you like complete stories. That whole beginning, middle and end thing that make…uhhh…what do you call those things? Oh yeah! Stories!

I’m sorry you don’t like my “rhetoric.” You’re right! When has talking to people ever changed things. You’re a funny guy or girl. I “dnno.” Haha! See what I did there with your name. Cheesy jokes aside, please suggest a better venue to discuss DCUniverse with other users of DCUniverse than on DCUniverse.


Hey Truth_of_Pisces. You’re raging red lantern icon suits you. I don’t think you quite get the concept of constructive criticism. You see I am letting DC know that I enjoy the way services such as MarvelUnlimited and Netflix are handled. I am letting them know that there are a few things I dislike about their service. I am also letting them know that if they continue with their current structure I will not renew my subscription. I don’t believe the customer is always right, but every business should listen to their customers concerns. For this reason, I have posted here so that they will see it, other like-minded individuals can bring this matter to their attention and to educate any newcomers that their are better alternatives.


You’re speaking as if this service should have been perfect at launch. No service, ever, has been an instant success. The Marvel Unlimited app, you and so many other people keep touting, was broken for the first five years of its life and didn’t reach anything remotely resembling a workable service until 2013. Netflix began streaming in 2008 and nobody bought into for years until the early 2010s. You’re asking this app to be able to do in two months, what the other services you mentioned took years to accomplish. And don’t patronize me based upon profile pin, it’s pretentious.


Hey again fishboy! I know, I know fishman. A little Aquaman humor for you Mr. Pisces. Don’t act as if your sarcasm in your original comment wasn’t condescending.

You are putting words in my mouth, or in your own head in your own head, if you think that I called for perfection at the launch. I simply stated that I wanted a quality product. I agree that Netflix and MarvelUnlimited took time to reach their current caliber, but you also learn from their good qualities and bad qualities so that you can start at a better place and then face any new challenges that come along. There is no need to backtrack to make the same mistakes.

I’m also speaking like I can return if I leave. I can cancel my subscription this month and resume 3 months, 6 months, 12 months later. I am simply saying that their service, in its current structure, is not something that I wish to renew. If things change, then I will return. If not, then we part ways. The structure of their business is their choice. Where I spend my money is mine. No hard feelings, just business. Plain and simple.


Let’s get something straight. I’m not looking for a fight. This comment was meant for DCUniverse to make some changes and educate smart individuals on the flaws of the service.

No, I’m not calling you stupid if you don’t agree with me.

I am informing individuals who are willing to listen and make a well thought out decision.

I am open to a rational discussion with any one that wants to help DCUniverse keep me as customer. Maybe you know something I don’t about the future of the service that I don’t. Maybe they are going to release the rest of the season for Titans before the end of this month. I don’t know what is in store for the future of DCUniverse.

That is anything but patronizing anyone. All I’m trying to do is see if there is reason to stay or go based on the facts about DCUniverse and not your opinion of me, my comment or the way that I speak.

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Your points are well taken and are the same issues that many of us have been expressing for awhile now.

DC does need to hear those opinions. It is true that this is just barely post launch, but they need the pulse of the conmunity to know what to change. If we stay quiet and take what they give us ( as some few would have us do) then there is little motivation to change.

At this point the idea is not to add comic content but to rotate it. They may have heard us on that issue as there was some talk at the recent Con about increasing the number substantially beyond 2500 issues. We’ll see if that happens or not.

But you are absolutely right that this appears to be a paid sales portal with minimal original video content as an enticement.

I’m stuck for a year (due to my own lack of diligence in not seeing the no refund policy for what it is) so I am hoping that they will improve greatly over the next few months.

Thanks for a well written and thorough opinion. My one suggestion is that you simply ignore those few who will try to demean and belittle and only engage respectful dialog. You’ll find that the levels of maturity here varies greatly.

Welcome for however long you are here. And give Titans a shot if you haven’t already. It is a pretty good show. :slight_smile:


Thank you eviltender for your respectfulness and input! Not so evil after all, huh? I haven’t started Titans yet but I will be sure to give it a go.

I’m sorry that you are stuck on the annual plan. I may leave and come back after a few months. I’m not sure yet.

I think the rotation is an interesting idea to maybe boost some interest in places but I think they should keep some things up all the time.

McDonalds has a regular menu but that McRib keeps leaving and coming back.

That’s true on the maturity level. It is the internet, right. Haha! Anyways, thanks again for your thoughts.


Thank you for your feedback, caniacjoe.72910. Good or bad, we always appreciate your taking the time to share it with us, as our intentions are always only to improve the service, and better serve all of the fans. I’ll share such with the team for you, and please don’t hesitate to share if you have any more you’d like to share with regard to suggestions, etc.

For future reference as well, everyone, just wanted to ask that you please make sure you’re abiding by the Forum Guidelines when posting - thank you in advance for reviewing them, as needed: The DC Universe Community Guidelines – DC Universe Help Center

Right now, it’s not meant to be a comic app which should be pretty obvious for all people subscribing. It’s a media distribution service which includes comics but comics are not the main focus. Obviously several fans wish this wasn’t the case but with the right feedback, they could tilt it in that direction. Soon the digital shop aspect of the service will be available, and when they do as I can imagine you’ll start to see the library expand a bit, albeit not drastically.

I think the real problem in my opinion isn’t the comics rotation. Read my first paragraph, comics rotation can change with the right direction and feedback we give. The real problem is that DC TV license are all over, its deprived of a lot of content that could have been in the streaming service but its tied up with a lot of different network and other streaming services especially Netflix.

In my opinion if you are subscribing to DCU right now it’s basically because you are making an investment to what a service can become, and not necessarily what’s it offering right now. Similarly you could say the same for any early adopters of new technology or digital service.

Give it time, give feedback, and be patient. This could be our Netflix and Marvel Unlimited. You just have to wait. Both Netflix and Marvel Unlimited took years to become what they are. Please give DCU the same consideration.


Just another troll. Why did you sub after free trial if u hate it? Nice try …


Nothing is perfect, we all acknowledge the fact that this app needs a number of improvements to made and they will be…but I complete and unshakable faith in the product that DC has placed before us. Within the next year or so DC will not only improve in so many ways with this streaming app but I have a great feeling that the best is yet to come. What we have here now is just a fraction of what the great potential that this app will grow to become. I’m a big DC fan and I’ve been one ever since I was five years old and I saw Superman: The Movie for the very first time…I believe in DC and I believe this is just the beginning. DC will rise again, right now their just getting warmed up… Remember everyone, Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Foodini, not every single person who disagrees with your purview is a troll. Some people just don’t like the same things that you’re so very willing to put up with.

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Thank you for listening MissInkBlot. Sorry if I let my frustrations show through in my post. Hearing your commitment to the customer and to establishing a top notch service is a redeeming quality. Your level of respect and that of a few others is greatly appreciated.

Nah he’s a troll

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My dear foodini,

I have enjoyed your intelligent and well thought out commentary of me and the words that I have spoken. The variation of language in combination with your running troll theme is subtle yet satisfying. However, a constant push and pull with your “I know you are, but what am I” flare is something that I cannot continually give to you my darling. As you undoubtedly desire the final word, I long to hear your sweet poetry yet again. Knowing that you will have that last word will bring joy to my heart, but I must bid you farewell.

Goodbye my love!