Is this it for DC Universe originals?

So at D23 Disney + just announced like twenty new shows slated for their service. And so far DC Universe has two that I have been informed of. And one I have no real intention of watching.

Does DC Universe not know how to make a show. Are they blocked out by the CW Originals, did they not think of Disney as a threat. What is with the subtle drip of content whilst the competition has a steady flow. I mean Doom Patrol is amazing and Titans is alright but this is stupid for the people who are paying for this service for original content.

And the stuff on Disney + is sounding fairly watchable. Literally the only Marvel comic I read Moon Knight is getting a show.

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And all of those shows will be watered down PG13 crap… I’m so sick of everyone bitching about DC I mean come on and I can tell you one thing the mcu is going downhill and people are losing interest, alot of my friends loved the mcu but after endgame they are done , nothing in phase 4 is exciting and all these shows are just gonna be the same kiddy jokes and forced bs … PG13 Blade and Moonknight really??? Oh and goodluck with deadpool going PG13 cause that’s happening as well…


Also like to add that I like quality over quantity and so far every DC original has been great!!! I don’t think that will be the case with Disney plus unless your a kid or a fan of the house of mouse…


Uh dc has 4 original shows and 2 that haven’t aired yet. You must be new around here


Also it takes time to make shows. Quality over quantity.


Oh he’s going wild because Disney plus announced a bunch of shows but tbh I don’t think they will be worth watching , I know I won’t be subscribing to Disney plus, I like my superhero shows and movies to be for adults not 12 year olds , my opinion…

@foxybridges exactly quality over quantity…

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Man someone here is insecure (don’t worry not you LeifRed)

To answer LeifRed’s post, I think DC Universe has less because it’s a small service. DC Universe is a niche service focused on a single brand, so it wouldn’t be profitable to make as many original series as there will be on Disney+. Disney+ is a much bigger service with a wider audience and broader appeal. It will draw in more people, so making tons of original series for the platform will be worth it financially.

(Of course if any WB executives are looking at this, I’m not trying to discourage you from making that many original series… please?)


A little perspective, please.

If you’re interested in comic-related stuff, Marvel/Disney’s first show (Falcon/Winter Soldier) isn’t going to premiere until Fall of 2020. The stuff that was announced today won’t see the light of day until 2022/2023. Heck, by then we could be on our sixth season of Titans! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That said, I do hope that DCU will add more and more Originals as time goes on. It’s good to have some competition.


Not insecure just tired of DC being hated on constantly and believe me it’s constantly, when announced it today there was nothing but making fun of this service by 75 percent of thousands of comments so excuse me for try to take up for the service I love squid…


He’s on talking about how stupid we are for paying for this service so yea that got me a little upset especially after all the making fun ALL OF THE TIME!!!


No problem sticking up for DC Universe, it was mostly your comments about how you like your series to be adult. I’m not saying any preferences you have are wrong, it’s just that that language, from my experience, is used by insecure people. Still, I was rude and I apologize.

Honestly I don’t get the hate on either side. Disney+ isn’t hurting us and DC Universe isn’t hurting them. Why can’t they just both exist? It’s more content for everyone that way. And if you don’t like either DC or Marvel it’s not like the one you prefer stops existing because the one exists. It’s all so stupid.


The only language I used was I’m tired of people bitching about DC that said , I like marvel not as much as DC mind you but I do like both but I am constantly sticking up for DC comics, movies , shows really everything. Anytike anything DC is posted somewhere on social media it’s nothing but constant jokes about how everything DC does sucks and i admit I take it a little personal as I’ve been a loyal DC fan for 30 something years now. Anyways I think I’ll leave the community for awhile and just stick to watching stuff and reading comments, sorry for offending anyone but it just makes me so mad that Disney/ Marvel can put anything out and just because it has that name on it it’s automatically the best thing ever and when DC does it it’s trash … Rant over…

Reading comics not comments , sorry…

Please don’t leave I was the one who was rude

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Well I guess this whole situation what happens when Disney builds up the Marvel brand name and WB wrecks the DC one. There will always be people who only pay attention to the movies. If people who are only MCU fans want to stop themselves from trying content they might enjoy, then that’s their choice. At least us all of us comic fans (whether DC, Marvel, or both) are willing to give things a chance.

I’m happy for Marvel fans. I know nothing about She Hulk, but I’m sure She Hulk and Marvel fans are losing their minds. And that’s great. I’ll probably end up watching it and maybe I’ll love it too. More content is never bad, especially when it makes a group of people super happy.

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its cool they announced them, but there going to release them next or the next year after that.

It might seem like Disney/Marvel has more shows, but they’re all coming out between 2020 and 2023. Between now and 2020 we have Titans, Stargirl, Harley Quinn, the rest of Toung Justice Outsiders and possibly Doom Patrol season two and another season of YJ by that time. DC/Warner Bros. could easily announce another couple series on that time.


Disney+ is specifically a video streaming service. No comics. So yes, they are going to create a lot of video content, and why MCU shows were cancelled from Netflix.

DCU is not a Disney+ competitor, nor is it trying to be. Disney+ is going after Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max & Amazon Prime.

Disney is really taking money and throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks. Some of their stuff will likely be good (like Luke Cage & Jessica Jones were on Netflix) some will be OK (Cloak & Dagger for example) some will be awful (the Inhumans comes to mind)

Marvel is by far the biggest film/video franchise they have. So naturally they are going to put a focus there.

DC & Marvel have coexisted for decades and will continue to do so.

What Disney+ is doing is interesting in the steaming space, and maybe I’ll throw over Netflix in favor of Disney+. (The only thing keeping me on Netflix is the CWVERSE SHOWS & Patriot Act.)

What is the right business call for Marvel isn’t the right call for DC. And vice versa. They services aren’t really competitors. Is Disney+ making 22k+ comics available to subscribers? No, you’ve got to pay Disney $8 a month for a subscription to that service, with zero original series.

This is much a ado about nothing, IMO. I’m glad to see Disney pushing because that will put pressure in other pure streaming services. But, I doubt it will impact DCU much if at all.


Of course, depending on the contracts, WB/DC could really put the screws to Netflix and a year after the last Arrow episode runs, sell the entire series as a package somewhere like iTunes for $24.99. Do similar things with CWVERSE shows through the 19/20 season. People could own them and not feel a need to stick around on Netflix. And 20/21 seasons can be on a WB/DCU to stream.

Time moves on and contracts eventually expire.Titans, DP, YJ, Krypton, Pennyworth, Stargirl, ST, HQ are all not going to Netflix. WB/DC/DCU has a long term strategy. It has a few “pain points” at present from a video streaming standpoint, but, such is life.

Look at MCU losing Spider-Man again. They figured since Disney is the 800lb gorilla in the superhero media space, they could get Sony to roll over. Sony showed them, they were wrong and pimp slapped Disney instead. Will Disney and Sony eventually come to a deal…probably. But, it won’t be nearly as lucrative for Disney as it is for Sony. Or Disney will blow apart the MCU and completely reboot without Spider-Man, because as was obvious from IW and EndGame, they were structuring Spider-Man as the core character in the next MCU (The Stark replacement) but now, either they scrape that or bend over a take it from Sony on a Spider-Man deal, and Sony knows it.

Is it any surprise this announcement comes mere days after the Spider-Man negotiations with Sony…I think not.