Is there no thread for Swamp Thing Episode 8?

Is there not a discussion thread for Episode 8 of Swamp Thing? Was gonig to post my thoughts on the latest episode but can’t seem to find a thread like there has been for every other episode.

Maybe they forgot it with all the hubub around SDCC.

Yeah, it’s getting close to Zero Hour.

They’re undoubtedly trying to lock in the last of their SDCC announcements.

I’m sure they won’t mind if you start one, Dan. :+1:

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I’ll check in on that for you, @DanTheManOne1, but in the meantime, as @Super-Squirrel mentioned, please feel free to also create a thread of your own sharing your feedback. We’d love to hear it! :slight_smile:

Am on my way out the door but if one doesn’t resurface when I get home I will be. Just didn’t want to post one if there was already one.