Is there anyway to see my picks in the Meta Madhouse tourney?

I made all my pics online and don’t know how to see it. I know who I have to win but I wanted to see my matchups again.


Hi @TheMantom!

You’ll be able to see your picks by logging back into your account.

1.) Click “Sign In” at the bottom of

2.) Click the three lines in the upper right corner.

3.) Click “Brackets”.

Clicking any of the teams will take you to a display of your choices. We hope this information helps! Let us know if you run into any trouble.

Thanks @Barrys.Better.Half that’s perfect.

Side note those three lines are referred to as a hamburger menu. Apparently it was created by someone in Xerox. I only know this because I used to work there.

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I’m glad to hear everything is in working order. I did know it was called a hamburger menu, I didn’t know it was created by someone in Xerox though!. That’s interesting!