Is there any character you started reading about just because you liked their costume?

Pic related for me.


I’m a huge fan of visuals, so this has happened more than once. The character that comes to mind immediately was Azrael, his Paladin-like look was just too much to pass on. :slight_smile:


The Phantom Stranger. He has one of the best costumes in DC.

Also, Power Girl. But that more for the lack of costume in certain strategic areas.


The Karen Starr Power Girl.

There’s so much more to her character than a pleasing figure. ALOT more.

Karen’s smart, strong, funny and doesn’t take **** from anybody. For years now, she’s been one of my favorite characters.




That symbol on Supes’s shirt is why I keep coming back.

Honestly? The Question. “Where the hell is his face” is what drew me into my fandom.


I concur. All her incarcerations have been good. She’s a really great heroine and vastly underused in DC, IMO. She is much more than a costume and a pleasing visual. But, I confess first time I saw that costume I thought “that’s a heck of a lot of cleavage, even by comics standards.” I wondered if it was going to be a parody. But the costume is why I bought the first time, I kept reading because she’s a really great character.

Definitely Batwing for me.

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I’ll toss in a vote for Grifter too.

When I watched WildC.A.T.S on CBS, he was the character that first caught my attention and that I was eager to know more about. His action figure was the one I wanted the most too.

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Grifter’s mask caught my eye very quickly. The fact that he can keep his costume in his pocket is ridiculous, ordinary guy is walking down the street, sees bad being done and reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a piece of cloth and he is ready.

I’m also a big Creeper fan because of his costume being a part of him, the bizarre colors only helps.

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I had seen this thread and thought nope. Then I was reading an issue of DC Comics Presents that featured Firestorm and realized back when I read one of his series it was because I was drawn to the costume. I didn’t know a thing about the character. I just loved his costume a lot. Now I like the character.


I picked up Savage Hawkman years ago because I thought he looked badass. Was always intrigued by Firestorm’s look but never followed his comics…same for Deathstroke. Don’t even know where to begin for either of those 2.

I liked Maul as a kid

I really liked that costume :slight_smile: