Is there another Justice League Animated Series coming out? After Unlimited?

Just curious if any more Justice League animated series are in the works or it was cancelled?

Thank you

There was Justice League Action that is fantastic


The last episode of Justice League Unlimited aired in 2006.

Since then, there have been two animated movies that can kind of fit into that universe if you squint one eye and look at 'em sideways: Batman/Harley Quinn and Justice League vs The Fatal Five.

There has been talk of more reunion movies and of a continuation of the series, but that’s all rumor and speculation at this point, though many of the cast have said in public they’d be thrilled to return to those roles.

In addition, in 2016, a new show, Justice League Action appeared on Cartoon Network. With a different cast, design and tone, it ran until 2018, consisting of 52 11-minute episodes.


ok I didnt realize that there was 52 11 minute episodes I always thought it was one big 30 minute thing.

I own the DVD and it didnt even dawn on me lol.

There is justice league action which is pretty good but sadly cancelled

Batman harley Quinn was garbage omg

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Batman &HQ was hilarious and fun. HQ singing a Blondie song, that is so on point.

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I second the trash opinoin of Batman Harley Quinn. Trash might be a tad harsh, but it took about a billion wrong turns along the way.

Just came to mind, but did’n’t Dick and Harley sleep together in that, and isn’t Harley Quinn supposed to be crazy pants? And if she’s crazy pants, isn’t she unable to legally consent to sex. So didn’t Nightwing rape Harley Quinn in this very special episode?

Bat Family Karaoke is a funny bit. A funny bit we saw in Justice League. I guess another version of it isn’t the worst thing, but IIRC, the scene went on for several minutes and killed the joke.

@BatWatch If Harley consented when she was with Mistah J, then why would Nightwing be any different? Being with a hero would probably be much more comforting to her than being with a maniac ever was.

Generally speaking, Harley may have a couple screws loose, but not to the degree of where she’s unable to consent to making whoopy with someone she wants to whoop.