Is there a name for the series of comics like Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace, Flash: Fastest Man Alive, Superman: Man of Tomorrow et al?

I’ve been really enjoying these titles if for nothing else than they’re the opposite of “events”. I miss the single issue adventures. Much as I enjoy the breadth a multi issue story arc brings, I miss the short and to the point snippets. Honestly, ever since n52, it’s felt like “Do these guys ever get to stop and take a shower?” It’s just one lengthy gut-wrench after another.

So these books have given me exactly what I wanted.

Which, of course, means they are all no doubt canceled.



I feel ya. When the eventness fatigue hits me, I go to the golden oldies, that is anything pre-1986. Now, I do enjoy some events, but its like a heavy exercise session. Afterwards, I just wanna sit still and read a simple 22 page story where a grown man in bat-pajamas punches a guy sportin a flame throwin umbrella…