Is there a good novelization or trade of the Arkham City story

Does anyone know of a novelization Or trade of the Batman: Arkham City video game? I’d love to read something that goes into more detail about Wonder City and some of the other stories in the game. I know about the Dini prequel and the digital specials, but hoping there is something more.


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I may be wrong but I don’t think they made Arkham City tie-in comics like how they did Arkham Knight. Probably the best place to learn more about things like Wonder City would be to find all the lore blurbs from within the game itself. With every Riddler scannable object and every new place or character there would be a short bio about that thing in one of the pause menus. I forget exactly how to access it from within the game but I’m sure you could find all of them on some Fandom Wiki or other web resource.

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In fact, the DC Database (a pretty high-quality Fandom Wiki) has pretty exhaustive summaries of those lore bios. Just find the Arkham version of the character/object/place and it should give you all the available information.

on amazon there is a TPB omnibus of the entire series.