Is There a Central Place To Request New Features?

Where can we request new app features and vote on suggestions that others have made. I think this might help prioritize the development team’s time. With all of this new content I’m kinda at a loss right now on how to get caught back up without some kind of “filter-by-date” functionality (suggested in another thread).

It’s a good problem to have, but still a bit of a problem nonetheless.


Heya BitBasher, you’re in the right place! The moderators monitor the Help Center for suggestions on features :slight_smile: We typically collect this feedback in this topic, but here is fine, too! We’ve heard a lot of feedback on search and sort functionality, and we look forward to hearing what you would prioritize. :eyes:


I grew up collecting comics during the silver and bronze age of comics. One feature that I always looked forward to reading was the mailbag which featured readers comments concerning previous issues. I also enjoyed Bob Rozakis “Answer Man” replies. It would be interesting to read these and get a glimpse in to the readers mindset as well as the type of letters that the editors selected to print in the mailbag columns. I would also be anxious to know who was responsible for selecting the letters…whether is was someone who worked for that particular comic title or if one person selected did the mailbags for all the titles.


Hey @dave7atgotsky.5512! :wave:

I’ve added your requests for the mailbags and the “Answer Man” replies to our list for the team in charge of these. In the future, we do have a thread dedicated to DCUI suggestions here where we typically collect feedback but here works as well!

Regarding who is responsible for selecting the letters, I will take a look into this and one of us on the moderator team will get back to you once we track down the answer! :female_detective:

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