Is the Titian’s Robin a mix of all the robins or is it just me who see that?

I just watched a few episodes of Titans and the show is good it seems interesting. I like where they are going with it but there are some things I wish they could change but I’m sure they were having trouble translating comic to live-action. But the biggest thing I have an issue with is Dick Grayson/Robin he just seems like a combo of Tim Drake and Jason Todd and a little of Dick Grayson… because he is too rough and well too into the whole detective job because Dick is rich because at the time he is the only heir to Bruce and has an unlimited amount of money at his disposal. He is really gritty and is too stock and rough. And he is a super detective that likes to work alone. I mean where is Dick’s sense of humor and his friendliness and compassion that made him great to see as an cartoon. There is none of that yet but I mean that’s what Dick is known for they gotta show it at least once in the season or even in the second please.

I know what you mean, but I think the thing is they are having Batman impact Dick too much so he is dark and gritty like batman. I think as the series go and he meets the titans and forms it he will be his comic self.