Is the series : DCeased on DC Universe?

So I really want to read the new series thats out called DCeased( don’t care if not spelled corrected). Was wondering if its on here or if someone knows where i can read it online.

DCeased isn’t on DCU.

New comics aren’t on DCU until they’ve been out for a year. The first issue of DCeased came out in May, so May of 2020 is when it will begin to appear on DCU.

The whole series won’t be here until a year after the last issue has been out. So October 2020 or thereabouts.

As for online reading, there are the usual vendors, such as Comixology, the DC Comics app,, the Kindle and Nook stores, etc, etc. If you sign up for Comixology Unlimited, you also get a discount on all purchases, so your DCeased purchases would come in under cover price, which is nice.


Only comics that are more than a year old are on this service, so you’ll have to buy it if you want to read it.