Is the selection going to improve?

I’m sure I am not alone here but I was under the impression that the comic book selection would be rather prolific. As of now, the selection is pathetic. Perhaps I was just misinformed or perhaps they will roll out more soon but as of now I can’t help but think this isn’t worth the money.


Yes! They said the full catalog will be available to be purchased in October. It will probably cost $1.99 per issue for most older back issues like it does on Comixology now. All you pay for with the subscription is for a comic reader app.


This definitely isn’t worth the money compared to Marvel Unlimited. This is a joke if this is the only free selection there is


If all we’re getting in the comics is a rotating “sample” (only issues 2, 3 and 4 of Crisis? Really?) and they expect us to pay per comic for the ones we want, then I suspect I’m like the vast majority on here. I’m not wasting another dime on this service. Fine, they have movies and TV shows. I don’t need those. I signed up for the comics. And unless it’s like Marvel Unlimited, then I’ll stick to…Marvel Unlimited.

There is a reason Marvel kicks DC’s butt in the movie franchise (and, I suspect, in the online services franchise)…it’s because they care what their fans want. And they make sure their fans are happy. DC will need to learn that same lesson one day.


Is Marvel the one that made that new Dumb and Dumber movie that came out last year?

My understanding is that this is the beta form and the proper launch in October will expand the selection largely

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Multiple problems with the comic section.

  1. The lack of complete story’s. Example: All Star superman has issues 1-4 and then 6-12. I’m not interested in reading a fragmented story.

  2. Organization. Should be able to search by the story arc. I can’t stress the importance of reading a full story Vs one missing issues.

  3. Lack of anything new! I get they don’t wanna give everything away but… nothing at all?! Smh


DC Universe features a curated selection of 2,500 comics from a library that spans decades. Our catalog selections will cater to members who are new to the world of comics along with veteran fans looking for hard-to-find titles.

In addition to the full library that will refresh with new selections quarterly, each week we’ll be bringing some of DC’s biggest storylines to the platform for a limited time. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the updates about our comics library.

Our base library will include 2,500 titles some of which will switch out on a quarterly basis. Additionally each week we will bring a special limited engagement title including some of DC’s most essential storylines. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the updates!

This is what it says on the FAQ section in the support section. I honestly feel like I’ve been let down. I feel like I wasted money going out on a leap of faith hoping this was what I wanted. I pre-ordered a years worth and it was stated it was non refundable. I don’t plan to renew at the current time but it has a year to get better to change my mind.


I’d like to see more choices, sure, but I’m still finding myself a decent amount of stuff I hadn’t read before and getting into.

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2,500 is a lot of titles. It was reasonable to assume they would have completed story arcs of each title. They were deceptive when each title only has a small smattering of issues. Action Comics is a title that’s been around for 80 years, it’s being released with 10 issues.


Glad I signed up through Apple with the 7 free days with the option to cancel before. This whole service seems like old shit movies and their animated collection…

How do they not get that comic fans want to read comics…


I laughed out loud when I saw how many action comics they were willing to ration. Corporate DC being crazy greedy.


Crisis on infinite earths 2, 3 & 4. What is that? Even if you are trying to get people to buy it. 2, 3 & 4? Not 1, 2 & 3?


Actually, they were never clear about the comic selection, which was why I did not preorder. I’m glad that I didn’t.

That DC has a gargantuan amount of Golden and Silver age comics which could have easily been made available and been used as marketing for something like “the largest comic library of any service” and is barely represented here is an immense disappointment and seems to further the idea that DC is kinda embarrassed about their publishing history of anything pre-COIE

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Yeah I’m disappointed in the comic section too! I want arcs and newer stuff. But I heard they are adding more. And having access to all these comics without having to pay or use less than legitimate sources is a plus in my book.

It just lanuched it will get better.

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