Is the Penny Worth It?

New trailer just dropped for the Pennyworth series!

You can only watch it with an Epix subscription. Worth the money or not?


I can’t imagine it really would be. If you want to watch it, just wait until all the episodes are available and then subscribe for a month


I’m going to wait. Already have Prime/Netflix/hulu/&DCU don’t feel like adding another one to the mix. I’m really thinking about dropping Hulu.


The trailer looks good.

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I’m really excited for it, but not excited enough to get a subscription. I’ll wait until all the episodes are out and get a month long subscription. I won’t watch any of the other Epix shows besides Pennyworth, so that makes the most sense to me.

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Maddox didn’t you feel even a little ashamed using that pun. As for Pennyworth, I hope they pull it off first look is great

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I see what you did there.


Lmao :joy::joy:

Yes I felt LITTLE ashamed but… I’ll get over it.


I personally am going to wait as well. I can’t see this show lasting more than a season

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They’ve been promoting it on DC Daily. I wonder if we might be looking at a Krypton situation. I hope so.


Does anybody agree on how they James Bond’ed him??

Are there any comics on here about Alfred?

LOL “Is the Penny Worth it?”




:joy: well played sir well played

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Pennyworth isn’t scheduled to last more than a season. It’s a mini-series.

I think the show looks good. We’ve never actually seen anything in live action that recounts Alfred’s military history. This is a fun and altogether different Batman oriented production.

Oh really? Didn’t know that it was anticipated to be just a mini-series. And I mean… I GUESS it’s a good idea. Not necessarily needed but… Hey, it may be a hit!

Vroom you’re saying it’s already been cancelled! Run for the hills.

Pennyworth was promoted as a mini-series when initially announced.

However, I had my Research Elves knock on some doors, and some outlets list it as a first season, while some show it still as a mini-series.

So…I don’t know. Cousin Eddie shrug

It’s not a mainstream show to be honest. Nobody asked for this. They need to do a batgirl TV show or at least a show in that Batman Beyond Universe.

My thought is a Batman related show taking place outside of the traditional superhero trappings adds to the variety of different shows/genres under the DC TV umbrella, rather than yet another tights triumverate.

Henry Cavill’s on Epix right now, FYI.

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