is the new 52 on here?

this might be a dumb question but I’m seeing everybody saying to read the new 52 but when I look for it under comics only one I find is the one that say 52 so I know there’s two different 52s so is the 52 same as the new 52?

Yes, it’s all on here.

52 is a weekly series.

The New 52 was an era. Go to comics, use the filter to select New 52.

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The 52 you see in the library covers the year or 52 weeks when Batman Superman qnd Wonder Woman were not active, following Infinite Crisis. It was published from May 2006 to May 2007. It was a weekly comics written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid with layouts by Keith Griffen . The main characters were Adam Strange, Animal Man, Batwoman, Black Adam, Booster Gold, Ralph Digby, Lex Luthor, Will Magnus, Rener Monfoya, The Question, Starfire and Steel.

In 2011 DC comics had a reboot called New 52. It intitially consisted of 52 Titles, some of which were canceled and replaced.

If you Browse Comics and filter by age using New 52 (2011- 2016) you can see the titles for that era.

In New 52 the heroes were younger, marriages were erased and many characters disappeared.

Sales increased then decreased

In 2016 a mini reboot occured called rebirth which restored a lot of the legacy that existed prior to New 52.