Is The Harley Quinn Comic Canon?

How does the ongoing Harley Quinn comic fit into ongoing continuity? How can Harley be having adventures on her own and locked up with the Suicide Squad at the same time? Is it ever addressed?

Yo!! I’ve been wondering that too!!!plus she’s also a main character in Heroes in crisis. Harley is the most inconsistent character in terms of tone from series to series but that’s not a complaint or a knock. I get the feeling DC like to think of her as their version of dead pool. For my own sanity I think of her solo series as taking place in a different part of the multiverse. The tone is just way too campy and comical compared to suicide squad or anyplace else she shows up.

There is multiple versions of Harley. I think her runs have been fun and campy but are not canon after her first solo run. None of the new 52 or rebirth fits the rest of the world

I think three writers have been writing out so that it’s just vague enough to fit of you want it to or not.

Best I’ve ever heard it described is that her solo book is her imagination running wild while she is locked up, waiting on a mission with the Squad.


Specially with how the new Suicide Squad #22 ended

I think DC just doesnt care about continuity anymore. I mean, Batman is in an all body cast of sorts in JL while running around like it didnt happen King’s run. The way I see it, they just try to tell good stories while not worrying about how it all fits together which I am okay with for the most part.


Micah gets it. As long as whoever isnt dead in one book and a clone in the other, supertight continuity is a slippery slope. Some famous writer(wolfman?)once said that continuity stifles the best creators by the ideas of its worst. And that a total paraphrase…

It’s comics. Nothing makes sense, nothing matters.

But seriously. Don’t think too hard about it. Characters appear in different books, by different writers, and they have a different tones. It’s not a conspiracy.