Is the Batman Adventures Comic Series canon to the DCAU?

Is it?

And is the Superman Adventures comic canon to the dcau?

I don’t think any of the TV tie-in titles have ever had 100% strict continuity with their respective shows. Just a loose one given how much one usually varies from the other.

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Ok :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m pretty sure that The Batman Adventures, Batman and Robin Adventures, Gotham Adventures, and Batman Adventures (not a repeat) are canon with Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures.


I’m pretty sure a lot of the Superman Adventures comics take place after episodes or are centered around stories which take place in the show

Ehh, Batman Adventures Mad Love is kind of canon for Harley Quinn I suppose but even at that her first run gave us a real and in depth origin compared that, telling us it was her version to doctors of what happened. The truth is her solo run. That’s a grey area I suppose.

How about the Batman Beyond comics?

Ehh I think beyond the Grey area of Harley in BA#12 and Mad Love it’s really more just spin off continuing of the cartoons

The Batman Beyond mini-series (which is the first BB comic series) is kind of an adaptation of the Rebirth episode, so that could be considered canon to an extent.

The ongoing that tied into the show is like the other TV books: the canon varies depending on the story. Some elements of certain episodes are mentioned, other times the series is its own thing within the framework of the show.

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Very late response to a dead thread. But some comics can be considered canon. Because the comic teams usually did different things than Timm and Dini.

Like for example Batman Adventures 25. Superman and Lex Luthor appeared even before Superman The Animated Series even aired.

There was a Batman And Robin Adventures issue where Huntress appeared before JLU and her origin story for being Huntress is way different compared to her JLU origin story which will have to make this not canon to the DCAU.

Justice League Adventures 6. Amazo is based off the classic Amazo appearance and Amazo in the DCAU was completely different appearance wise and character wise.

The Adventures of The DCAU comic. Most of that comic ain’t canon because there’s a Justice League team. That series was in the 90s. And Justice League wasnt out til the 2000s.

And issues of Superman Adventures references events from the Adentures of The DCAU and that non canon JL team. So some Superman Adventures comics can’t be canon because of that non canon JL team.

And Power Girl appeared in the Justice League Unlimited comics. The problem with that is that Galatea was based off Power Girl. And there was never really an explanation of how there was a third Kryptionian after Clark and Kara.

I would even have trouble trying to put the first three issues of Batman Adventures in canon because of Catwoman and Harvey Dent. Because Catwoman Issue 2 contradicts the BTAS episodes The Cat and The Claw and Cat Scratch Fever and Harvey becoming Two Face.

Even Bruce Timm considers most of the comics non canon as well