Is the Bat Family too big?

Does anyone feel that the Bat Family has become too big? I mean there are enough heroes to protect every street corner in Gotham, rendering batman pretty useless and less important.

With all these heroes gotham should be crime free. It maybe time for a Gotham culling.

We have:
Red hood
Red robin
Robin (damian)
The signal :confused:
Catwoman sometimes

Am i missing anyone? I would like to see the books get back to just Batman with a couple robins and a batgirl. How would you guys go about this?


That’s a good point. They relaunched the Batman line nearly ten years ago with Batman Reborn (post BOTC when Dick became Batman, Gotham City Sirens debuted, Tim became Red Robin, etc), maybe now they could do…Gotham Reborn? It’s just a tough nut to crack as to what you do with the other characters if it gets boiled down to Batman, Damian Robin, Babs, Red Hood, Nightwing and Tim. The other characters should still exist with their histories intact but…how?

Batman Beyond now has a Robin in it, so maybe his allies are gradually increasing too?

I’m hoping the new CW Batwoman series will take advantage of the larger Bat family. I would love to see some of these minor Bat Heroes showing up on CW!!!

You can add Harley to that list too, since she’s been more on the side of the angels the last few years.

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You could have a story where theres a new threat that is picking off the newer members or just have them leave and protect other places in the world away from Batman. They want to be there own hero. Dick did it once.

I dont know. Im not the creators. Lol i just want back to basics. These new characters arent offering anything new, just crowding up the cave.

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Yes, the Bat-Family is too big. And maybe it shouldn’t be a family at all? It’s hard to strike from a shadowy alley when a dozen characters are tripping over trash cans and themselves. It’s time Batman becomes THE BATMAN again, both in a thematic and practical sense.

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Way to big. Back to basics please.


Yeah it’s been getting really absurd but I do miss the Batmen of All Nations and Batman Inc.

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But no family can be too big when they’ve got the resources and the love!!! They’re gorgeous together and yes, they do have an extensive list of membership, which I believe extends past the list above, and well past if we’re referring to Damian’s list of pets, who are his family, but some, if not most have experienced massive trauma, that family relationship and those bonds are vital to someone who needs love, even if it’s burried down beneath a mask and layer of hurt.

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Yeah I find it a little too big. Here’s how big it should be



Redhood thats a good list, but i would even take Jason off the list and completley turn him bad or atleast refuse to work with the others. I could do without Cassandra. Maybe make her Katana’s sidekick.

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I’d like to see the rest of the Batman: The animated series Seasons 3&4. DC Universe only has two of the season. Although I’ve noticed that seasons 2&3 may have been combined. Am I going to have to purchase this separately from this app?? For the amount I paid I should get to see the last season of Batman.

Plus, Gotham has other heroes like Black Canary and Huntress. I like it being Bruce, Alfred, Dick, and Babs.

Keep Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, and Babs. Get rid of everyone else.

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@ddeboise, yeah I see where you are going with that. It’s just that, Redhood and Bruce meet often, so I kind of have to

@Jab661, you forgot about the best one! Alfred!


I think that the Bat family could be handled like in Justice League Unlimited.

Let the writer use whatever member he wants, even if it only Alfred. Assume the rest are on other cases or not in Gotham.

When there is a very big emergency that Batman thinks he can’t handle, which is improbable, and the writer wants to, Batman can contact who ever he wants.

It is okay if their presence helps the story.

It’s just that the more characters you add the less important Batman feels. There’s something intriguing and more interesting about one guy trying to save a city on his own.


The reason you find the idea of this type of solo hero intriguing is that it is based on the idea of the American Monomyth. Mono means one, most important and is ingrained in us from the Western.

Google that term.

There is a very short article from the new York Times on this idea.

Many westerns including Shane, a few John Wayne and many Clint Eastwood movies are based on this idea.

As is the lone ranger. Who was that masked man? I wanted to thank him. (but he was already gone.)

Part of the myth is that the besieged town needs the hero’s talent for violence but cannot accept him as a member of the community afterwards. He must leave.

If the story continued, the hero is a nomad, drifting from town to town, cleaning up, until he is old and has a violent death.

The magnificent seven is a group version of this myth. The last lines are:

The farmers won.
We lose.
We always lose.


In my opinion it is. I took Batman out of my pull around the time when Jayson Todd came back and can’t stand Damian. My favorite Batman stories are from Batman and Robin together era to Tim Drake as Robin era. Just my 2 ¢