Is the Animated Killing Joke Movie As Bad as Everyone Says?

True. However, Joker shooting her and then taking the *gag * pictures was part of his plan to break Gordon and it almost worked. Without those *gag * pictures and that scene, it’s not as effective.

Dude, you can rationalize anything you want the way you want. Let’s just agree to disagree.

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Hey, @MatthewHecht has a point when you think about it.

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Not from my perspective.

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Look, I adore some of his work, but Alan Moore was bitchy BEFORE he wrote Watchman in 1986. @MatthewHecht has got it right.

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Even if he’s “bitchy,” Alan Moore has a point.

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How?! He was asked a good logical question and he lost his mind!

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We live in captilistic society based on money… So it would stand to reason that companies would want to make money, regardless of how fans feel about the integraty behind said endeavours. I came to this hard realization when “my” raiders moved to Vegas. Fans are just fooling themselves.

It’s also up to the fans if something that’s a money-maker continues. They don’t like a specific show, they stop watching and eventually, the show dies out since it no longer generates money. Same thing for movies.

He is whining about adpatations making adaptational changes. Meanwhile all adaptations of his work are more faithful than his adaptations used in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

He says film adaptations of his work are not worthy since they are made to make money. I guess that means Moore is a millionaire by working for free.

He whines about them changing his characters. This ignored that Moore made Superman abandon humanity to the inevitable future alien invasions by selfishly giving up being Superman and removing his powers, not to mention they are much more faithful to his characters than his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen work is to the Victorian characters used. You better not complain again after you literally decided to make Harry Potter be the Anti-Christ.

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Well I missed something.

Did he forget that everyone supposedly loves the Watchman adaptation from Zach Snyder.

I still don’t understand that to this day. Even the Flashpoint Superman is better then Moore’s version.

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I have a love/hate relationship with Moore. In regards to the Killing Joke, he has in the years afterward distanced himself from it, even saying it wasn’t a good book. I’m not sure I would go so far as to say the entire thing is bad or not worth checking out, but I do generally agree with him it needs serious improvement

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I agree. Like I said, had they put it into an existing continuity and used the 30 minutes to connect it to said continuity and give us a real connection to Barbra, a lot of the other stuff would work more.

Yup, he’s a bit of hypocrite but he still has a point in my opinion.



Harry Potter[edit]

  • Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling
  • Volume 3III
  • A boy wizard who was scarred by Oliver Haddo (who possessed Tom Riddle) with the mark of the beast to become the Antichrist and was never referred to by name. All of his adventures, friendships, and rivalries were staged to prepare him for his true purpose; even his name is false, as he is actually Haddo’s son by a way of Tom Riddle’s body. In his later life, the truth traumatised Harry to the point that he slaughtered all of the students, staff, and miscellaneous inhabitants of The Invisible College (Hogwarts) and killed Haddo, then kept his still-living head in a cage; he later massacred the entirety of Diagon Alley and killed his way all the way back to the train station, where he escaped back into London. Harry then spent years hiding from the public in the now-abandoned Grimmauld Place, clawing off his mark, breaking his glasses, and shaving his head out of a paranoid fear of being found. He also takes pills to manage his psychoses and constantly has to fight to keep his normal human appearance stable as he loses more and more of himself to his demonic nature. He was defeated by God (in the form of Mary Poppins) by being turned into a chalk drawing and is washed away by a thunderstorm.

And this is real?

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Putting this specific post aside, if you look at HP at the begiining if the first movie…a kid with dead parents and a forehead scar that can talk to snakes…yea, that’s anti-christ material.


This is why I just stick to the original books and movies.

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