is swamp thing cancelled

So I heard a rumor today from a friend that swamp thing is being canceled. Is this true or was he mislead on the happenings

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Yes sadly Swamp Thing has been cancelled. It will continue to air the rest of season 1. But there are no plans for a season 2.

Unfortunately it’s true, they have no plans for a second season after the first season finishes.

This is corny why even make a season1??? I might not even finish season 1 what is the point if there is no follow up? They might as well take it off dc universe and kill it completely, its misleading to dc fans and a waste of time if there is no further seasons. However this is very unfortunate because the first 4 episodes are really good and worth watching if there was a future with swamp thing

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@jonathanpedro Tons of shows get only one season. That doesn’t remove the point of them.

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Swamp Thing cancellation was “unique” to put it lightly. It wasn’t because of the ratings or it’s bad, it was cancelled after 1 episode. Never gave it a chance.

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@E-Dot Which means there were issues that we had no control over. Still doesn’t make the season we’re getting pointless.

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Beyond a story breaking that it was not getting a second season, all we’ve gotten us a confirmation from WB/DC that it was cancelled.

The likely probability, as with much of TV, it didn’t make enough money relative to its production costs.

Both Titans and Doom Patrol were picked up for international distribution by Netflix and HBO, respectively.

We are getting a second season of both Titans and Doom Patrol. Make of that what you will.

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I recently read that they are in talks of making a movie but it is nearly just chatter amongst some of the creators and possible producers it is not certain or clear that they are going to go green light the ST movie