Is Superman secretly a villain?

Superman beats up the villain and tosses them around buildings causing destruction. If he cared about people and what they go through, shouldn’t he provide the villain with an oxygen tank (if they need one), send them to the moon (or some other uninhabited location), pummel the villain to unconsciousness, and then bring them back to Earth for imprisonment?

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Nah! Superman should smash their face into a building, kick 'em in the kidneys and let Star Labs, the DEO, DMA, Argus, and everyone else take the baddies into custody.


I also want to add a little joke: sometimes, Superman lifts entire buildings, so if one of them happens to be a shop, then technically, Superman is a shop-lifter.


I see what you did there. Good show ol’ chap!


I wouldn’t show that on! They would strongly disagree, the way I see it, Superman has been a great role model for the last 80 years, only time he’s a villain is when he get effected by a red kryptonite!


Superman is a great role model for sure. The world can never have too many nice people.


While Superman is cool, I prefer Clark Kent. As Clark Kent, he sometimes uses his powers, but never on offense.

Potential spoilers ahead.

That is why Richard Donner’s and Christopher Reeve’s Superman will have a very LONG staying power. In Superman: The Movie, there was hardly any violence. Then, in Superman II, as soon as Superman realized that Zod, Non, and Ursa were hurting people, he “wised up” and took the battle to HIS home.

I have yet to seen a Superman as moral, intelligent, practically pacifist, and heroic as Reeve’s portrayal.
That is the reasoning behind this thread. If he could care about people so much that he is willing, if necessary, to allow them to destroy him and his home to protect people, then he is a hero. Otherwise, he either knows what he could do and ignores it, or he is unintelligent and could not think like that.

End of spoilers.

But, inspiration for this thread came from Superman vs the Elite, so a spoiler thread around that film will be a better way to address some more points.

Sorry if the long post bothers anyone, but Superman is one of the most powerful heroes and deserves lengthy discussions.


Superman absolutely deserves lengthy discussions. He’s the best for a reason. Well spoken @abfgmsw.