Is Robin and Nightwing the same person?

… As in Dick Grayson?

Dick Grayson was Robin and became Nightwing.

Oh, there were several other Robins over time. Grayson was the first Robin.

Yep, they are indeed the same.


If you look up Nightwing in the encyclopedia section of the app, it gives a good overview and history of Dick Grayson, the first Robin.

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The character Robin, is identity used by several people.

Dick Grayson: The first Robin. When he left Batman he became Nightwing

Jason Todd: The second Robin. Got killed by the Joker at cake back to life as the Redhood.

Tim Drake: The third Robin. Became Red Robin.

These are the main three. There are 2 other robins.


no more than the red hood and jason todd