Is reading the Bendis Man of Steel worth it?

Hey all!

I have loved reading through rebirth following the bat family + Harley Quinn and I coming up on the Wedding arc.

Now I have read through some of Batwoman, trinity and batgirl & the birds of prey; however I couldn’t get through them due to just know how poorly they were received by the community.

So my question is: Is it worth starting up Man Of Steel and the Bendis run? Or is there a better jump on for some Superman comics?


I really like Bendis’ Superman. There are a lot of people who don’t. I think the only way you’re going to know if it’s worth reading for you is if you start reading it.


Great point I grew up on the Ultimate Spider-Man and man he did not disappoint. Glad to hear you enjoy his stuff.


I’ve liked it so far. I’m always delayed cause I read it here. It’s not amazing, but it’s better than average. Let’s call it an 8.1.


Thanks for the replies, currently I am prepping to read it and I am gonna start. Thanks for the posts. I am loving Tom King’s run with Batman and it’s even better on digital to see the amazing art that is paired with it.

I’ve really enjoyed it. The art in Man of Steel and in Bendis’ Superman book is top notch, and I think Bendis has a great feel for Clark’s voice. He just sounds like Clark! I think some fans have been upset about the run because of some decisions made with Jon. However, that all worked for me because Lois and Clark were just as distraught as the readers!

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Yeah, I don’t get the hate. He has the character’s voice down, IMO!