Is Power Girl aka Karen Start back!

I have seen illustrations of Power Girl in promotions for Year of the Villian and Leviathan. So what does this mean? Is she back in the DC Prime universe? Is she having her own book? What is the deal?

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Karen Starr not Start. My bad auto correct did it again!

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Maybe when Justice Society Title appear?

At one time she was their leader.

Big question is her origin, did she come from another earth?

That is a good question. There are a few options

  1. They bring back the JSA and she is back on the team.
  2. She just comes back (some how) and she stars in her own book.
  3. She joins the Terrifics, since she was paired with Mr. Terrific in the new 52.
  4. She joins the Birds of Prey.
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I’m good with all of those. I just want her back.

Alternatively, she’s still Superman’s cousin, but on his mother’s side. …What? If they wanted to streamline her origin it makes the most sense.

@Aneras, I feel the exact same way. I feel like DC keeps teasing us!!

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