Is new DCU content coming?

I am just throwing this out there but why is HBO Max and CW getting all the new shows? I am disappointed with the lack of content after we were promised such a great concept with this platform.

Coming this Friday to DCU: a new episode of Harley Quinn!

Besides, I’d argue that “a site with a few new shows, a bunch of old shows, and thousands of comics” is a better concept than “a site with a few new shows, a bunch of old shows, and a handful of comics,” so the concept has improved since launch if anything.


Stargirl, Titans s3, Bizzaro tv, young justice s4, and are we getting another season of doom patrol? Plus thousands of comics, a bunch of movies and tv, what more could you want?

The important thing is: new content is coming!


Hey, don’t forget DC Daily! Five days a week again, starting tomorrow! :+1:


Don’t forget DCUnscripted!


Of wich Stargirl will also be on CW and Doom Patrol on HBO Max so where is the exclusive content?


There is so much more of the back catalog of movies and tv shows that could be added

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Doom patrol on HBO MAX? First I’ve heard of it.

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I am sorry but when there are more DC shows off this channel than on this channel there is a problem. When I own more DC movie and TV content than this channel there is a problem. I am still hoping things are going to get better. I joined for DC movies and DC TV shows and so far there has been very little to entice me to stay. Please make this a true DC Universe by getting the other DC shows onto this site!!!


I guess because HBO MAX is a subsidiary of WarnerBros? I saw on checkersaga that they were planning to make Doom Patrol available on both DC and HBO Max . Seems a bit counter intuitive either way

My question is if they are putting Doom Patrol on HBO Max then are they going to put the green lantern show on DCU or the Watchmen show? Over all I do really love this app and am on it way more then any other app I have. I was just wondering if it’s going to go both ways?