Is KRYPTON coming to DCU app?

We were wandering around Target earlier today and stumbled across Season 1 of Krypton ( for sale in the DVD section. Got us thinking… I am curious to watch it, if it was available on the DCU app. Anyone know if it’s slated to release on the service?


The show was originally produced for the Syfy channel it’s their property and it’s going into the second season So I don’t Think it will be on here any time soon

I remember it being announced it would be on here. I imagine sometime shortly before season 2 airs. Gotta milk those DVD sales before putting it on here. Everyone one wants instant gratification these days sighhhh just be patient

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The show is coming probably in April


I think season 1 is coming to the app next month.

I haven’t heard anything specifically concerning Krypton, but I will surely submit your request for it.
I would love to see it on the service as well!

Hi! Your humble DC Universe News editor here… Yup, ‘Krypton’ is definitely coming to DC Universe. We haven’t announced its arrival date yet. But while you’re waiting for it to arrive, I recommend reading the terrific four-issue 1987 ‘World of Krypton’ limited series that inspired it, right here on DC Universe. It’s written by legendary Superman comic writer-artist John Byrne and penciled by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola!


Can’t wait! :woman_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling:
@dc_joseph Adding those to my pull list now!

Just watched the DC Daily episode from 3/18 in which they said season 1 of Krypton is coming to DCU “this spring” so either April or May, right?

Sure Krypton will be on here, they have announced it for a while now. Yeah, things change but DCU has been saying over and over it would be on here so that would seem to imply the plan hasn’t changed. Would be lying if I wasn’t saying that when they announce what is coming to the service next month whenever that may be that I hope Krypton is on here. It is a really good show and would love to get to watch it again.

I’d say May (and no, I won’t eat clay or play with hay Ray). I bet there will be newly arrived accompanying Superman oriented tie-in content to promote Krypton’s arrival here too at that time.

Like…movies! Comics! Kewpins!