Is Joe Manganiello still Deatthstroke in a mvoie

Are we getting a movie of Deathstoke played by Joe Manganiello, if not DC wake up people love Deathstroke and Joe looked perfect give use Deathstroke and a animated Deathstroke movie


That’s what I’m saying as well!


Would love to see a Deathstroke movie. Show people who the real “Wilson” is. Instead of that disrespectful, little mutant.
I would love to see Rose in live action, she was always so cool when I was younger.


They better not be wasting our time with a Joe Manganiello cameo and then removing him.


At this point I’d be shocked if a Deathstroke movie ever gets made, or if Manganiello plays him as a villain in another movie. He was cast for the Ben Affleck movie that never happened, and cameoed in the Justice League movie WB seems ready to forget. Stranger things have happened, but at this point I think Deathstroke’s future is on Titans and not the big screen.


Early in the summer the rumor was Idris Elba’s role in Suicide Squad 2 is Deathstroke. Whether him or Manganiello, I’d much prefer him in an ensemble, because his solo comics never work for me.

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I think they’re testing the water with Slade, as they have him in Titans now and he has his own Animated Series starting in a couple of months, WB have done this a number of times with other characters, so it could still be on the cards. They could easily make the Movie with a small budget, 50M easily!

He has an animated series coming out in a couple of months?

My main hope is that Gareth Evans is still working on this. I would be very disappointed if he isn’t the director.

Gerard Butler as Deathstroke would be better. :sunglasses:

I hope he makes an appearance in X Squad at least. That way we know there is still hope.

@nightwingfan07 CW is making a Deathstroke animated series for CW Seed. There is no announced release date, so I’m not sure why he said it is coming out in a few months.

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Because they said it was coming out in Fall, so that would be in a few months. Gareth Evens said in an interview he was approached when we first heard about it, then he never heard anything again after that, so I wouldn’t count on him being involved if they did ever make it.