is it possible for Elseworld titles to be added to DCU?

I for one would love to see Elseworlda titles available in comics here on the app. I’m a huge fan of many Elseworlds stories/books. I love the general concept and we all know there are absolute classics I.e. Batman & Dracula: Red Rain and also a ton of others all worth reading. I think it’d be a great idea with all the new comics content with golden age and rebirth to consider this idea.

I want your opinions!

Red Rain might fall under “no graphic novels” but there are a bunch of other stories under the DC Elseworlds heading

There are Elseworlds on here and Batman & Dracula: Red Rain is one of them. You can find them all in the DC Elseworlds series


One year (I want to say it was 91 or 92) all DC annuals were Elseworlds themed. While many are not available I have seen a few scrolling through series from the time.

Do you mean to the service are to the main continuity?

If you go to DC Elseworlds most of them are here.