Is it just me or does...

… the new DC Primal toy line look like reused items from the Masters of the Universe line? You’ve basically got Castle Greyskull, Panthor and the same style of figures with different paint jobs and heads. Just finished DC Daily and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Wondering if it was just me?

I had to look up the Masters of the Universe, but there is some deviance. For one, King Shark still looks like King Shark. Also, if there are anime versions of Batman that look like other characters (Batman Ninja Joker compared to Kefka from Final Fantasy), then I don’t mind because that is a new take on the characters. Plus, the play set looked so awesome.

It’s a product line that is basically the aesthetics of vintage MOTU toys and those like them (including the DC based Warlord line from Remco) merged with DC elements to form a new take on DC.

There’s no reuse of parts as Mattel owns the Masters of the Universe toys and Primal Age is produced by Funko. The figures are done that way in tribute to what has come before.

It’s an interesting idea and fun line. Check them out at Target.

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