Is it cool to hate DC?

So I ask this question, because I see it all the time. When ever DC releases just about anything TV or movie related on social media, and other superhero themed websites. The feedback is 98% negative, it’s like DC can’t do anything right.

Now I’m a major DC fan and yes some of the DC movies haven’t been great. Other though have been good to great. So I understand some of the criticism.

For example DC releases the new photo of Batwoman, on these forums its 97% positive with a few criticisms. On other sites and social media the picture was trashed and torn apart.

I try to defend DC as much as I can, but to the fan base it feels I’m fighting a losing battle.

So I wonder is it the new coolest thing to hate DC?

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I think the only issue DC has now is the quality of their films. Their comics, shows, and animated movies have mostly had great quality (sans some seasons of the tv series). With that I feel that they changed their policy on how they make their live action films, and depending on if this new formula is a winning one or not, I think the reception will change for the better.

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It’s not cool and especially when it’s a fanboy thing loyal to another company.

DC deserves both criticism and praise like anything else as it has it’s pros and cons. I get expressing disappointment once or twice but keep getting all the time and being negative than moving on is stupid to me


From my personal experience, it does seem to be a “cool” bandwagon thing. Lots of my friends have constantly bad mouthed everything DC has done since Man of Steel and always tell me how terrible the DCEU movies are… Yet they’ve not actually watched any of them personally. It’s VERY annoying.


I think it’s a combination of Marvel fans, haters & trolls. It’s actually fun to them to hate & bash. They’re not worth my time, lol. They’re lucky there aren’t real life Jay & Silent Bobs flying out & searching for every troll & beating them up, lol.


Personal opinion based on history of community management experience: Different platforms attract certain attitudes in varying volumes. That’s what makes dedicated forums so wonderful- you can find the people who you want to hang out with :slight_smile:


Not fun at all

As far as the movies and TV shows go yes it started with Man of Steel. I used to manage a comic book shop in Maine until it closed down. The owner only had 1 employee but a bunch of volunteer employees. I was the only real DC fanboy (dont like that term but it is what it is.). I used to get crap all the time about the heroes I liked. Everyone else was Marvel readers.
It was DC is to broken, Marvel heroes are more realistic. What’s the point of a Justice League when you have Superman, unlike the Avengers who need each other. Batman isn’t a superhero, he shouldn’t be fighting people like Darkseid and Sinestro. Aquaman sucks.
It was a daily thing.

Marvel gets more love than DC but they also have to deal with some trolling DC fanboys who hate how big Marvel is and especially despises the success of the MCU

I agree with wolfkinz about it being a “cool bandwagon thing” and fans do have a bit of a mob mentality at times. I’ve seen it happen over and over and frankly it gets tiring after a point. So tiring in fact that I have to take frequent hiatuses from fan forums several times a month just for my own sanity’s sake.


I agree with wolfkinz about it being a “cool bandwagon thing” and fans do have a bit of a mob mentality at times. I’ve seen it happen over and over and frankly it gets tiring after a point. So tiring in fact that I have to take frequent hiatuses from fan forums several times a month just for my own sanity’s sake.

People have become so intolerant. I’ve even seen DC fans hate on other DC fans by telling them they’re not “real” DC fans unless they like a certain era in DC Comics. It’s really sad. But I say, love what you love and let the haters hate.

It’s really sad that people have this “if-you-don’t-like-what-I-like-then-you’re-stupid” mentality. I think it stems from deep personal insecurities. Just my opinion…


I agree with you there JLWWSM. It is sad.

The tide is turning my friends, the movies coming out look Excellent! And the comics! DC has the best writers, Marvel is busy making “Wolverine’s” claws glow fire red, ridiculousness. I prefer DC, but I want to see comics succeed in general. A comic book could inspire some little boy or girl to learn how to read when they may not have been interested otherwise. I think it is genius, DC getting those 100 page giant comics in Wal-mart to introduce to new and old readers alike.:+1:t2:

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I know what you mean JasonTodd428, I was a regular on another website that was superherohyped, I was always on their forums it was to the point after getting trolled in a green lantern thread, that I took a year off.
I went back and was reading and contributing to the DC TV threads and it was all the same. I just stopped going to them.
I don’t think anyone thinks this, but I will put it out there anyways. I didn’t start this thread to complain about Marvel, I started it to 1 see if anyone else experienced this feeling and 2 to vent haha.

You started good Isaac but then you just had to throw a jab to marvel with a sprinkle of negativity didn’t you? Is it really hard for some people to enjoy all comic companies for they’re pros?

Hunt for Wolverine, Return of Wolverine, Return of Fantastic Four are just as good as DC’s top comics right now.
Arrowverse is looking to be as awesome this seasons as Daredevil s3 will likely be. I’m hyped for Aquaman like I am for Avengers 4!

I feel the same way is frustrating that people don’t even want to give a chance to see the movie tv first and at this point I think is just if is not Disney its sucks mentality and I hate it I’m always my own critic

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I don’t think it’s “cool to hate DC”, but I don’t think it’s cool to be a sycophant either. Let material (in whatever medium it is presented) stand on its own merits. Personally, I’ve had trouble supporting a number of current DC books since the conclusion of Dark Metal. The dark, almost, nihilistic turn DC has taken over the last six months is troubling. I’m simply not enjoying DC’s current fare as much as I was at the beginning of Rebirth. Does this make me a hater? I hope not, but I will not remain silent when I see beloved, iconic characters treated poorly. My continued support will be contingent upon the material presented. It’s not hatred or trolling that will drive me away, but a myopic world-view that borders on disdain and hoplessness.



I’m a Marvel fan, I own all the movies on Blu-Ray/Blu-Ray 3-D. I have hundreds of their books. To be fair I have not read the storyline with “Wolverine.” I don’t want to be too divisive.