Is Event Leviathan Still an Thing?

After heavy anticipation and foreshadowing of the event from action comics and Superman, Event Leviathan is released on August 2019 written by Brian Michael Bendis. An seven issue slowburn mini-series that starts with a villain named Leviathan who gets rid of all the intelligence agencies in the DC universe, with plans to carry out a new world order and change the status quo of the DC universe.
After a mixed response by fans but beloved response by critics, DC later plans to expand Event Leviathan into 2020, which started with Event Leviathan Dawn then later planned books with Event Leviathan: Checkmate and another book called Manhunters: The lost history. However, after the pandemic stopped the release of those books and the sudden firing of co-publisher Dan-Didio, DC comics unsolicited those latter books and didn’t specify when they would come back, Action Comics and Superman has subsequently made little reference to Leviathan since then.

With news that the writer Brian Michael Bendis is leaving the Superman comics soon and a new editorial and publisher staff following the Warner Bros. Shakeup of DC comics, will it still be possible we will ever see Event Leviathan return to DC comics.


Does anyone really care at this point?


Hopefully not.

I mean… The Question is in it, so I care.


I think the Leviathan arc from Action comics and 3 issues of the event is available to read if your interested but I must warn you that the book can become extremely repetitive and like most events spiral into nonsense.
I’m definitely not recommending event leviathan as a must read but if you wanna see how not to hype a comic event and what the problems are with how the writer Brian Michael Bendis writes characters like their Marvel characters vs what DC characters would actually do and say in these situations then I would consider this a read.

I’m kinda there with you. Bendis is leaving soon… ish. He had a multi-year deal that began almost three years ago. I’m guessing his contract ends within a year.

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Bendis is worse then Doomsday to Superman, because unlike Doomsday, bendis actually killed Superman comics…

I was going to read the lois series because
Lois in her own title
vic sage is back
More pre flashpoint stuff
more erasure of (most of) the new52 is great at least.
Hopefully, at somepoint it will be like Flashpoint never happened!

Does anyone even care who liviathan is?

Its such a dumb premise. What kind of writer wants to get rid of such story develpment tools like multiple top secret organization.

I would much rather a really intriguing mystery woven through the fabric of the various organizations. Lois investagatory skills finding out that somebody is selling Supermans real name to secret societies around the globe.

Or that there is a conspriacy to end all conspiracies at tbe heart of things.
But some dr. Doom whanna be who is goin to just blow everything up, just so tbe next writer can rebuilt them is freaking lame.

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I think Bendis should have done Nightwing instead

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I tend to like it when Maleev and Bendis team up. This title clicked along for me.

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I’m just hoping it wraps up soon … Dragging a bit much for my liking

I really really liked Event Leviathan. I know that people have absolutely hated what Bendis has been doing on the DC books as of late, but I don’t think I’ve not enjoyed any of them.

Anyway, to answer the question of the topic, no. It isn’t (sadly). There were going to be Checkmate and Manhunter spin-offs (written by Bendis and Marc Andreyko, respectively), but those got canceled because of cutbacks on non-mainline DC books. I don’t know, however, if that was due to COVID or if it was just due to low sales.

But man, I can’t believe that we missed out on new Andreyko Manhunter.

I’m interested. I like the whole idea and loved how it was rolled out in Batman Incorporated.